What is this site all about?
This website allows you to store, access and manage your Bookmarks, also known as 'Favorites', from any computer around the world (connected to the internet).
Why shouldn't I just use my browser's bookmark functions?
It's simple: because they are stored on your computer. If something goes wrong (e.g. hard disk crash, virus infection, ..) you may loose ALL you favorite bookmarks!
Jumbee.net stores your bookmarks savely and will make backups on a daily basis to make sure nothing gets lost!
You can install this website as your personal homepage. Doing that, your bookmarks will appear everytime you open your browser, without taking up space on your screen!
Great, how do I use this site?
Simply register here, log in and start adding your favorite websites!
The simple interface will allow you to add and categorize all your favorite bookmarks.
So, how do I pay for it?
That's the great thing: jumbee.net is free. As you can see, jumbee.net is also free of (pop-up) ads or any other form of intrusive advertising.
I'm not so good with computers, are you sure I will be able to use this site?
Yes! The interface is made very intuitive and easy to use.
If something is not 100% clear, a fast click on the 'help' button will get you right back on track!
Is that all?
No, ofcourse not! Once logged in, you will notice this website can do much more!
As a jumbee.net registered member, you also get access to other jumbee.net websites, providing even more benefits from your free membership!
Also, a team of motivated website coders is working hard to add new features to jumbee.net websites.